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My teaching and research on business models are influenced by the business model canvas and the importance of the value proposition.

I recommend the book Business Model Generation and its associated website where you’ll find a huge amount of resources

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Doing business in China

I have taught a module to 3rd year students for a number of years entitled, ‘Doing business in China’.

The content has three strands:
How to run a business
Business models

The image above captures two incredibly important concepts of doing business in China; guanxi and the continued influence of Confucius

Contact me for delivering workshops on doing business on China or consultancy projects if you are seeking to develop your presence in the country.

Economics of built heritage

My Tower of Sustainability

I am passionate about built heritage, especially industrial heritage.  Give me a lighthouse over a stately home any day!

Partly, I think it’s the challenge of producing a sustainable business model for industrial heritage that excites me.

Introducing my Tower of Sustainability.  A model to suggest how to think and develop long term objectives of restoring and conserving built heritage.

The will of the owner or operator to sustain the built heritage provides a solid foundation for success. However, even if it’s not present, internal and external support can still provide some foundation for success.
Other elements explored by the model are location, the nature of the asset, adaptability, importance or uniqueness and affiliation.  The business model and value proposition are crucial but so can be the effect of a leader or leadership.

Tower of sustainability_edited.jpg

I presented my model of a Kuhnian perspective of business models at the Competitive Advantage in the Digital Economy Forum (CADE) in Venice in 2019

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