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My research covers a number of strands:

The Economics of Built Heritage

Behavioural Economics

Game Theory

Business Models

Storytelling with Data – Data visualisation – econometrics

China – Doing business in China; continuing influence of Confucius; The Art of War, 36 Strategies and other ancient texts

Economics of Built Heritage

Tower of Sustainability

Tower of sustainability.jpeg

I produced the first iteration of my Tower of Sustainability for a bid to English Heritage to deliver catalyst building workshops for groups supporting built heritage assets.

It’s a visual aid to help friends groups, organisations and individual owners develop a sustainable model that does not rely solely on funding for conservation and restoration.

My earlier research was published here:
Available here
Available here

I presented at Weber State University, USA:
Is the conservation of the United Kingdom’s built heritage sustainable?

Research Councils UK (RCUK) grant for an econometric analysis/modelling of the number of visitors to websites of UK regional newspapers. Presented above and further research at University of Surrey and at Competitive Advantage in the Digital Economy Forum (CADE) in Venice, Italy in 2016, 2017 and 2018. 

What are the key future trends for management practice in a post-Covid19 UK?

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