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What can I do?

Browse the website to find topics of interest and let's start a conversation


Bespoke, custom designed workshops, delivered with vim, vigour and vitality.

Unconscious bias, the Art of War for Business, Neuroscience for Leadership and many more

Coaching & mentoring

For you, your managers and colleagues. Unleash greater potential, productivity and pizzazz.

Ultimately...for leaders.


I specialise in strategic interdependent decision making for the real world. Some people call it game theory. I call it common sense


Looking for leadership training that has the potential to make real change. Let's talk.

Analysis and Evaluation

Real analysis. Not just description.  Quantitative, qualitative or blended.  Economic impact assessment and programme evaluation.  Monitoring, evaluation and learning.

Member of Tableau software's academic working group.


Need a public speaker or representative who can talk with authority and confidence. Contact me.

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